Manage paid social — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Eli Benitez of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

9:35 —'s Courtney Graham introduces Wendy's International's Brandon Rhoten.

9:37 — Important topic for two reasons. Paid social is a huge tool for your advertising toolkit.

9:38 — Brandon: What are you trying to accomplish? There's questions that you first have to ask yourself before you start. Are you trying to do this long term? Short term? etc.

9:38 — Brandon: Define your audience (beyond age) – “You try to define your audience by what they are trying to care about. That's marketing 101”. We were introducing a new beverage to our audience and this is what we found.

9:40 — Brandon: Create what audience wants. You can choose what you consume. We created a lot of content for many different groups… Hundreds..

9:42 — Brandon: Are we interacting with the target that we are trying to appeal to?

9:43 — Brandon: Monitor, Engage, Refine. You don't let it run and walk away. This is a constant thing you have to work on.

9:44 — Brandon: Figure it out if it worked and learn the future. Actually understanding if it works… And dealing with it for the future.

9:45 — Brandon: Look beyond impression delivery to determine if we truly met our goal of becoming a destination for premium beverages. You need something to give you some universal message. Did we actually cause a change. “We sold a ton of beverages with no TV.”


Q: We're building a parent brand. Is change management the various divisions. It's pay to play. We're not using a 3rd party but as we scale when do you start automating. What platform are you using ?

A: Brandon: When it shows it helps the business. but to answer your question. We are using Brand Networks.

Q: Which platform did you see the best ROI.

A: Brandon: Instagram. Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook were the one's we used.

Q: I want to ask you a question about boosting or private ad campaigns.

A: Brandon: I would say we focus most of our attention on our campaigns. Boosting is more of a opportunistic moment for us. Because of our supply chain…

Q: Can you talk about how you measure lift?

A: Brandon: We actually don't use a lot of in campaign tools. We generally use  broader tools. We use Nielson Brand Effect tools. We also use google surveys for in campaign.

Q: Have you tried linking to sales and ROI?

A: Brandon: Yes, we have daily sales reporting. While we cant create a direct connection but we can see chart data that effect people and their behavior.