Lindsay Listanski

Lindsay Listanski, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Social Media Manager

For this member profile, we sat down with Lindsay Listanski to talk about her experiences as Coldwell Banker Real Estate's Social Media Manager. She's been a member of since 2011.

According to Lindsay Listanski, Social Media Manager at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, she's always been a “social butterfly.”

“When my parents would walk into my room when I was in high school, they'd see screens flashing and ask what it was. And when I would explain to them it was AOL Instant Messenger chat boxes, they would laugh because I was carrying on so many conversations at once. So once social media sites like MySpace and Facebook came around, I was in heaven,” she says.

After completing several internships in college, she was able to bring together her interests in marketing and social communications with a social brand ambassador job at Marcal Manufacturing LLC, a recycled paper company in New Jersey.

Luckily for Lindsay, she says, “Real estate is without a doubt, hands down, the most social industry in the world. Everyone talks about their home.”

“We use social listening to tap into what homebuyers and sellers are talking about on Twitter and Facebook. We also use Google Trends and Google Analytics to identify where we there is a need for engaging and useful content.”

That helps their diverse group of writers develop content on topics like living green, home tech and innovation, and do-it-yourself projects for Coldwell Banker Real Estate's corporate blog, Blue Matter.

Lindsay's team lives up to being part of the most social industry in the world by creating an enormous amount of social video content.

“With an in-house production team and our Coldwell Banker On Location YouTube channel, we have amassed over 50,000 home listing videos in addition to series like Coldwell Banker Real Estate's Home Tip of the Day, Home of the Week, and World's Most Expensive Homes.”

But that's not all, Lindsay's team also created a video series to help their real estate agents understand more about their digital reputations, which is rolling out this fall.

“For me, the biggest challenge is helping our real estate agents understand that social media is simply just a new way of communicating.”

To help them, Lindsay travels frequently to Coldwell Banker events, assisting agents on best practices, SEO, and the best social platforms to use. She's also written a whitepaper, “A Real Estate Professional's Guide to Using Social Media.”

She says it's important for real estate agents to embrace social and understand more about their digital reputations — to Google themselves periodically.

“Your reputation — both online and offline — in real estate is the lifeblood of your business,” Lindsay explains.

“At Coldwell Banker, we're really lucky because when something happens in our marketing group, my team always has a seat at the table.”

Lindsay says, “In the past, social media was really siloed. Now, there seems to be a much more collaborative approach. It's forced social media departments to become more integrated with their brothers and sisters in the marketing department.”

She explains that although they're a 100-year-old company, Coldwell Banker Real Estate has always been on the forefront of emerging technology and trends, and their senior leadership is very supportive of social.

“Whether it's becoming the first real estate brand to partner with YouTube or being the first to develop an app, it's in our blood to be innovative.”

One way they're innovating real estate: Maintaining a high level of engagement.

Lindsay says it's no longer just about the immediate need of helping a transaction along or being in the niche of first-time homebuyers, but that social for real estate companies has to be focused on lifestyle. With the average homebuyer or seller rejoining the market every five to seven years, they have to stay top-of-mind.

At Coldwell Banker, they're doing it through their Blue Matter blog, which includes content partnerships with other big brands like The Home Depot, Allstate Insurance, and Weber Grill.

“Today we live in a content world. Every brand is striving to be a reputable publisher with valuable and engaging information.”

Find Lindsay on Twitter, or check out her recent collaborative blog post on kitchen remodeling with The Home Depot.