lauren clinton

Lauren Clinton, Manager of Content and Social Media at Scott’s Miracle-Gro

Lauren Clinton is new at Scott's Miracle-Gro.

Her career path has taken turns in social media for entertainment and PR, brand building and digital strategy for higher education and retail, and social content strategy. Now at Scott's Miracle-Gro, Lauren is looking to lead with strategic content instead of a channel-first approach. She joined this year along with the social leadership team at Scott’s Miracle-Gro.

“We're taking a renewed focus on the best way to use social channels,” says Lauren.

And she joined at a good time.

Without that participation and engagement, everything you do in social media is a shout in the void.

As a highly seasonal business, her team is in planning mode this time of year. Come February, it's full-steam-ahead with spring-time initiatives. They spend each winter planning for the entire year's activations.

She says the seasonality of her business is both a pro and a con. While they can plan for a consistent seasonal rush, they also have a shorter timeframe to prioritize and get major content and partnerships activated.

And with so many brands and priorities for next year, she says, “The speed and pace of my day-to-day has been the biggest surprise to me in my new role.” Weather also plays a large factor in her team's content strategy. They keep an eye on changing climates and use geo-targeting in their favor — which means her team has to stay nimble.

Her goals are to create social presences that encourage participation.

“Participation is a requirement for digital communities,” she says. “Without that participation and engagement, everything you do in social media is a shout in the void.”

She works with a full-service team that handles social, digital content, and digital experiences — which includes web, mobile, and email. Together, with their customer service team and editorial content writers, they create content and answer questions with the company's naturally engaged community.

“We're in a category where people naturally want to talk to each other about their projects in gardening,” she says. Her team facilitate that with content from subject matter experts.

Lauren hopes Scott's Miracle-Gro will be the glue that pulls their audiences together.

“Social media has changed the way people consume information.”

She says it's not just about getting their audiences to engage with the company's content, but also to get them talking to one another. “That's the sweet spot: What areas we're an expert in and what the consumer is looking for more of. We're looking for that unique space we can take in between.”

Lauren has been a member of since 2016. Follow her on Twitter here.