Kristin Nguyen of TE Connectivity on building thought leadership and tapping into digital influencers

Kristin Nguyen is helping TE be the voice of engineers.

We're a very product-focused company. But, on social media, we aim to be the voice of engineers and speak to topics that interest them.

As the Senior Social Media Analyst and Community Manager, she serves as the social media expert and consultant for the company. She manages their social media guidelines and governance as well as the overarching social brand strategy and benchmarks.

As a part of the corporate marketing team, she works with social leads for each of TE Connectivity's 11 business units to create content, run paid social campaigns, and manage the day-to-day aspects of social.

“At TE Connectivity, social media is helping us build thought leadership around major industry trends and driving traffic to relevant stories,” member Kristin says. “We're a very product-focused company. But, on social media, we aim to be the voice of engineers and speak to topics that interest them.”

Earlier this year, they partnered with a digital influencer to highlight their Formula E sponsorship.

Jason Fenske, the YouTube influencer behind Engineering Explained, created a series of videos with TE Connectivity explaining the TE products and engineering inside a Formula E electric race car. They chose Jason because he could help them reach a niche audience. Beyond garnering video views and changing perceptions of TE from a component manufacturer to a total technology solutions partner, Jason helped drive leads through an engineering sweepstakes in partnership with the TE sponsored Andretti Formula E Team.

“We were looking for someone who identified with engineers and others in the industry who are interested in the technologies inspiring innovation, not only in the automotive industry. Jason provided an established level of credibility that, in turn, transferred to TE,” says Kristin.

She says finding that niche channel with the right focus on engineering was the difficult part — but that's what paid off.

Now, they're looking to get Jason and more influencers involved in a new social campaign, #MyMiniRaceCar. The campaign is a partnership with one of their distribution channel partners, Digi-key Electronics, and Adafruit Industries, an open-source hardware company founded by Limor Fried, who's been a major female influencer in the engineering and tech industry.

“We're excited about this partnership because it's very socially driven, it's the first time we're partnering so closely with one of our distributor partners, and a company like Adafruit really speaks to the maker community.”

“We're always testing and learning together,” says Kristin.

A big part of her role is building a center of excellence for social media at the company where they test and learn about new tools, then share insights with their business unit partners so they can use the tools to drive results. This year, she's working with business units to use more social tracking and retargeting tools.

“Our team is always testing and learning. We jump on opportunities,” she says. “My challenge is not only to stay up to date with social media best practices, but to determine how new tools can apply to TE’s business very quickly, so we can provide guidance to our business units.”

On top of her day job, Kristin's also going to grad school for integrated marketing and communications.

“I'm proud of the work I’m doing here at TE to improve our brand awareness, position the company as a thought leader in our industry, and work with relevant partners to amplify our brand messages. It’s fast, it’s exciting, and it’s rewarding.”

Kristin has been a member of since 2016. Follow her on Twitter here.