Keynote: Grumpy Cat (and her people) — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Eli Benitez of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

12:35 —'s Kurt Vanderah introduces Grumpy Cat, her manager, Ben Lashes, and owners Tabatha Bundesen and Bryan Bundesen.

12:37 — Kurt: Were excited to have you here. Can you give us some back story?

12:38 — Tabatha: My brother put her on Reddit and it spiraled from there.

12:39 — Kurt: Ben, how did you come into the picture?

12:40 — Ben: I started with keyboard cat and used to do music and played in a band. So over the last several years I started working with people. who had pets and tracked down some phone number and i wanted to meet grumpy. It's been a snowball since.

12:41 — Kurt: Do remember what it was like Ben or Tabatha?

12:42 — Bryan: It was only a few week before it took off.

12:43 — Kurt: Three years in this story to tell and conversations to be had. How to make that exciting. How did it get started? How does it come together to tell a story like this?

12:43 — Ben: I think its because fans lover her. They have a special connection. We try to stay true to grump' and the fans. We don't have a content calendar. It's real life. It's about being real and cool.

12:43 — Kurt: The meme concept. What is it like for all of you? Because people can make up anything using that meme.

12:45 — Ben: It's inevitable and its out of your control. It makes you to adhere to the core and rule that you're working with. This is with every brand. It's about fans being passionate and caring.

12:45 — Kurt: What kind of team takes care of the social media posting?

12:45 — Bryan: Ben takes care of most of the social media.

12:45 — Kurt: Are there any analytics involved?

12:45 — Ben: I think people get wrapped with analytics/numbers but its more about people being passionate and reacting to something.

12:46 —  Kurt: What is the biggest surprise?

12:47 — Bryan: It's more of an emotional attachment.

12:48 — Kurt: How do decide what may come next?

12:49 — Bryan: We try do what's cool. That's all.

12:49 — Ben: That been my rule always. We're her biggest fans. Most of the time it's so fast to decide whether or not if it's cool or not. Usually it's pretty obvious of what's cool or not.