Katie Boertman on corporate social strategy and social responsibility at Asurion

As the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Asurion, Katie Boertman's day starts at 6 AM.

Like most SocialMedia.org members, she begins with checking the brand's social listening tools. From there, she balances project management, content creation, and research.

“One of my favorite aspects of my Asurion role is the broad focus,” she says. For Katie, that includes anything from corporate social strategy to the day-to-day creating and scheduling of content.

Katie says she works closely with Asurion's Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Customer Care Marketing Teams to make sure their goals are aligned across the organization. She also works directly with their client teams to create social advertising campaigns.

This year, Asurion featured their employees in community-based volunteer efforts.

Teams across the enterprise chose projects like participating in a “polar plunge” benefitting the 2017 Special Olympics, donating beds, and helping stock a local food pantry.

“Asurion is focused on encouraging employees to give back to the community in a variety of ways,” says Katie. For example, their employees also run an internal non-profit organization, Compassion Forward, which raises money to help employees in a time of need as well as give back to the community.

“We began featuring these types of events in social media to give our consumers a look into our company culture,” she says. Besides a devotion to the customer and technological advancements, Katie says Asurion's people are what sets them apart.

She sources their culture and recruiting content through Facebook's Workplace.

Each department, location, and business area is encouraged to share their stories with the rest of Asurion on the platform. Katie says that's enabled her to learn about events happening across the globe, identify points of contact for more information, and source images for her to tell the story on other channels.

And since her biggest challenge is representing an organization with such a wide variety of industries, this tool comes in handy. She says it can be difficult to distill the social media message down to the essence of the organization.

Right now, Katie's shifted their focus from brand awareness to going deeper with social ad targeting.

Like a lot of early corporate social strategies, she says in the beginning it was all about reach and engagement KPIs. And while those metrics still matter, since their social presence has matured, she's more interested in their ability to target audiences. “Right now, I'm most excited about work we're doing on targeted advertising in social media,” says Katie.

She says that ability to target people who have already interacted with their product in the past will allow them to connect on a more personal level and better connect their social efforts to business objectives.

Katie's been a member of SocialMedia.org since 2013. Follow her on Twitter here.