Kate Porter

Kate Porter on launching Office Depot’s Snapchat presence

Office Depot launched their Snapchat presence in June.

Kate Porter, Office Depot's Senior Manager of Social Programs, says they decided to launch after several months of using Snapchat. They watched the channel's growth and the evolution of its features, then they developed a strategic approach to go to market.

“The growth of Snapchat has been undeniable,” says Kate. “While it's been in existence for several years, the platform has matured.”

Their decision to launch also coincided with an important time for the brand: back-to-school season.

We actively retain a pulse on emerging technologies, including ‘if,' ‘when,' and ‘how' they would fit with our brand and strategies.

Their marketing campaign, “Get Back to Great,” featured Snapchat brain teasers and quizzes developed by Office Depot's social media agency, AGAIN Interactive. The quizzes capitalize on the feature that allows users to submit and draw responses to Office Depot privately, and they ask questions that range from algebra problems to word searches.

“Students are spending a significant amount of time on this app. This is an exciting opportunity for the Office Depot brand as Snapchat continues to grow and change how we use and view social media and content consumption.”

And while it's too early to share many takeaways, Kate says they've been pleasantly surprised by the percentage of users who are viewing their content and engaging with it.

Office Depot has several goals for its presence on Snapchat.

They're looking to engage with a younger demographic throughout the year and deliver them even more relevant content. Snapchat also presents an opportunity to reach audiences that may not be as engaged on other social media channels.

For their “Get Back to Great” campaign, Kate says, “Snapchat is a great platform to showcase how kids really are over summer: TV binge-watchers, junk-food eaters, and preoccupied with their cell phones. Every parent knows that while kids slack off during the summer, a super student is waiting to be unleashed with back-to-school gear.”

Kate is constantly evaluating new social media opportunities for Office Depot.

She says, “We actively retain a pulse on emerging technologies, including ‘if,' ‘when,' and ‘how' they would fit with our brand and strategies.”

What's next for Office Depot? Kate says they're looking to expand their brand presence on Snapchat, but they're also interested in “a certain AR game.” Kate explains, “The rise in popularity of a certain Augmented Reality game opens new possibilities as to how brands can use AR, and is one we are evaluating.”

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