Jessica Mack

Jessica Mack on how LifeProof empowered social media ambassadors to jump off cliffs, out of helicopters, and over cars

LifeProof asked four extreme athletes what stunts were on their bucket list.

Start having relationships with your ambassadors now, before you need something from them.

“In the past, we've told ambassadors something like, ‘Here's the campaign, help us promote it, here's some money,'” says member Jessica Mack.

She's the Senior Social Media Manager for Otter Products, and in her presentation at our Member Meeting in Chicago, she explains why their #ChargeAhead campaign was different.

“This time, we asked, ‘What's something you've always wanted to do but didn't think it was possible or didn't have the money or logistics to make it work?'”

The four ambassadors they chose, stand-up paddleboarder Slater Trout, freerunner Ben Jenkin, BMX rider Mike Escamilla, and the late professional skier and stuntman Erik Roner, had big ideas. They planned and executed a high dive from a waterfall in Hawaii, a freerunning race through LA against a Ferrari, skydiving from a helicopter into the ocean, and riding a mountain bike off of a cliff.

The YouTube videos feature LifeProof's FRĒ Power waterproof battery case that helps give your phone an extra boost of battery when you need it (like when you only have 10 percent left while you're out cliff diving and just can't find an outlet to plug into).

To pull it off, Jessica says relationships and understanding have to come first.

LifeProof chose extreme athletes who they had already worked with or who had reached out to the brand first. Jessica says when you work with people who are already using your products, it makes them excited to work with you — plus it doesn't hurt the authenticity of the campaign either.

“Start having relationships with your ambassadors now, before you need something from them,” Jessica shares.

She recommends creating a brief just for your ambassadors.

It should include a cut-down version of your brand book, product information, and a suite of products for them to use and get familiar with. She says to get the product in their hands as soon as you can, and educate them thoroughly on the FTC requirements for disclosure.

“The more we educate our ambassadors on our campaigns, the more freedom we can give them.”

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Since LifeProof worked to educate their ambassadors on their products, they we able to share their own experiences and answer things like what colors the case came in while staying authentic.

“One month is not enough time to plan stunts that have never been done before.”

The more we educate our ambassadors on our campaigns, the more freedom we can give them.

Jessica explains, “I can't recommend enough that you insist on getting direct contact with email and phone numbers for your influencers and start having those one-on-one conversations as soon as you can.”

Something else she would do differently: Make sure vendors stick to strict embargoes on content.

“Some of our vendors were so excited about being in Mexico and doing these cool things that we started to see photos from our shoots pop up on their own personal social media pages well before we were ready to launch the campaign.”

Jessica also recommends packaging content that's easy for your influencers to distribute.

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They got together behind-the-scenes content from each shoot and photos for each athlete to share on their own channels. Then, LifeProof targeted their ambassadors' audiences on Facebook and Twitter advertising.

That move earned them the highest engagement rate LifeProof's ever received on Twitter. The videos also earned nearly five million views with a reach of about 50 million and a big spike in positive sentiment.

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“The easier and more authentic you can make it for your influencers, the more they get excited about it, share it with their fans, and push your campaign to the next level.”

Watch Jessica's full case study presentation here and follow her on Twitter. You can also check out the rest of the #ChargeAhead videos here. Jessica's been a member of since 2015.