Jessica Del Duca

Jessica Del Duca on what Brother International Corporation’s Home Appliance Division looks for in a social media manager

Brother International Corporation's Jessica Del Duca is hiring a social media manager for the Home Appliance Division.

When our customers purchase these machines, they also want a community.

The position has been open for about five months, and member Jessica says they are taking their time to find the right fit for the organization.

Jessica is the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for Brother International Corporation’s Home Appliance Division. They are responsible for the sales and marketing of Brother home sewing, embroidery, and craft cutting machines. And according to Jessica, social media is an important component for this group.

“When our customers purchase these machines, they also want a community,” Jessica says.

And for the past several months, that social community has been managed mostly by an agency under Jessica's leadership.

“Our customers want to share their sewing projects and ask questions. It's important for us to find a social media candidate who can help us grow that forum.” For example, this simple #TipTuesday post below earned them 41 comments, 20 shares, and 193 likes. Their customers are eager to share what they've made, what they learned, and how they did it.

Brother Facebook

With such an engaged community, it's important to Jessica to find someone who can delve deeper into how their target audience is using social.

“With some of the easiest to use and technologically advanced machines in the industry, we are reinventing a once nostalgic pastime and turning it into one of the hottest fashion-forward and DIY trends. We want to build a community where our customers are inspired to unleash their creative freedom” she explains.

She also wants their new social media manager to be a teacher.

Jessica is looking for someone who can educate the rest of the marketing team on social media and provide insights they hope to incorporate into other areas of their marketing as well.

“I'm looking for an expert. I asked for a social media manager with 8-10 years of experience. And I know that's somewhat hard to find in the social world, but I've actually been pleasantly surprised with the responses we've received,” Jessica says.

“It takes a team to bring us a home run.”

Jessica says they're eager for someone who's big on collaboration. She says, “Everyone on our team brings to the table individual skills and expertise, but it's when we bring that skill and expertise together in collaboration, we achieve success.”

That's why this new hire's first few days will be all about getting to know the team.

We want to build a community where our customers are inspired to unleash their creative freedom.

Jessica says the first several days for any new team member in the division begins with “meet and greet sessions.” That's 20 minutes of one-on-one time with every team member to learn about their role within the department. Then, Jessica can catch them up to speed on what's happening on their social channels.

“It's also imperative they learn the business and our customer. I would like to see this person provide recommendations as to how we can grow our social program in general. Then it will be all about implementation.”

Jessica's a part of a hardworking team.

In fact, she answered the phone for this interview on her day off. She and her team had just gotten back from an annual dealer convention in Nashville where Brother International Corporation announced their 2016 new product lineup to almost 600 attendees. (A trip their new social media manager will likely join them on next year.)

Brother Sews Facebook

And for the past several months, Jessica's also been playing double duty trying to strategize and grow the Home Appliance Division's social media channels with the help of their agency. As they continue to interview candidates, Jessica says she looks forward to adding someone who can help carry the load.

“I really feel that the Home Appliance Division has some of the hardest working people I've ever met in my life. There's an incredible work ethic here that I'm really proud of, and I can't wait to see where we go in the future.”

Find Jessica on LinkedIn and ask about her volunteer work at Animal Alliance New Jersey. Jessica's been a member of since 2014.