Jerrick Haddad, Global Social Media Advisor for CEMEX

With a Masters in design, Jerrick Haddad worked for the Obama for America campaign during the 2012 election.

Design is basically problem solving.

He helped create shareable graphics for social media encouraging people to get out and vote and explaining key issues in their areas. He says that experience has directly influenced how he looks at his job as CEMEX's Global Social Media Advisor.

“Design is basically problem solving,” Jerrick says.

So it makes sense that his design chops have helped him tailor social content about building materials for a variety of audiences. On the Corporate Communications team at CEMEX, Jerrick's worked as a content developer, online strategy analyst, and community manager.

“I wanted a full-time job where I could choose my own adventure,” says Jerrick.

His first adventure: Turning CEMEX's social media content strategy from a press release service to one that fit their audiences. That allowed him to grow CEMEX's Facebook audiences by 100 percent in six months and earn 40 percent more followers on Twitter.

“But instead of doing that through a promotion or contest, we did it through reliable posting. We kept a good mix of content to help us grow steadily instead of growing and then shrinking inconsistently.”

He says he also saw opportunities for the company in areas like thought leadership and crisis communication in social that were being missed.

I think social media is leveling the playing field between BtoCs and BtoBs.

“For example, we have a research and development group in Switzerland that does the coolest stuff every day, and no one finds out because they're a small group. We're helping come up with ways to show their knowledge and perspective to the broader community in our industry.”

In other areas of the globe, like Panama and Colombia, CEMEX has talented teams on the ground, forging relationships with the local community. Jerrick finds ways to communicate with them on local issues and tailor accounts and content in social media to help build trust.

Recently, they've seen success in cross-posting Instagram content to Facebook.

CEMEX Instagram post

That includes anything from photos of gorgeous cement architecture and construction sites, to an inflatable toy CEMEX truck in a pool. Jerrick says sharing their Instagram audiences' content on Facebook has earned them some huge organic reach.

“Instagram has been a really fun channel to see engagement in. It's exciting when people want to share content about the great stuff we're doing themselves.”

When people ask Jerrick why a building materials company needs to be on social media, he references a quote from GE's Linda Boff.

“She said something along the lines of ‘Nobody buys a jet engine on social media, but then nobody buys a can of Coke on social either.' I think social media is leveling the playing field between BtoCs and BtoBs,” Jerrick says.

“We all have the same general pain points, and we all have similar successes.”

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