Jeremy Humpries

Jeremy Humphries, Farmers Insurance Social Media Manager

“It's been a huge mindshift moving from internal to external,” says Jeremy Humphries.

He's the Social Media Manager for Farmers Insurance, but he started out on the internal communications side of the organization. In his role, he helped manage their internal dashboard geared towards agency owners across the country.

With social, there's never a moment when you can be caught off guard. You have to be in-the-know in the moment.

But now, on the external-facing side of communications, he says it's a different approach altogether. “With everything I've worked on before, we owned, managed, and had direct line of sight into our platforms. We could guide the direction. Now, with social media, you don’t directly control the platform,” he explains.

“With social, there's never a moment when you can be caught off guard. You have to be in-the-know in the moment.”

When asked about his day-to-day, first Jeremy laughs, then he says, “Every day is unlike the other.”

“Every day presents new opportunities and new challenges,” he explains. “Especially in a digital role, we do not exist unto ourselves — we support the larger enterprise. So it's only natural that our time is spent supporting company initiatives. But that’s what makes it fun, no two days are alike.”

As a part of a lean team that rolls up into digital content marketing, he works alongside a managing editor, writer, and social media editor to develop content. They've also created avenues to access get online information available through resources like the University of Farmers.

And, there are lots of perks.

For example, every year Jeremy attends the Farmers Insurance Open to lead their social media initiatives at the PGA Tour event. As a fan of golf, he says he gladly raised his hand to become part of those social media responsibilities.

This year, he says he's looking forward to build on their successes from the last Farmers Insurance Open that included a social media clubhouse, a live feed, and photo booth activation.

Farmers Insurance Tweet

He says with events like these, “the devil's in the details,” and it’s important to “keep it simple.” You have to consider a lot of factors in terms of logistics for screens, layouts, direct feeds, and the stage itself.

“We're doubling down on where our target customer is.”

Going forward, he says that includes Facebook. “What's great about Facebook is it offers us a lot of places to plan. They're constantly launching something new, like 360 video, panoramic images, and live video,” he says.

“For us, while we may not be the first to always use new innovations, I think becoming an early adopter is a good goal to strive for.”

Jeremy has been a member of since 2012. Follow him on Twitter here.