How to integrate social media with marketing, advertising, and digital — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

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11:15 —'s Kurt Vanderah introduces AT&T's Joy Hays.

11:16 — Joy explains today's media mix: Earned media, paid media, owned media. Social and SEO lives in the overlap.

11:17 — Joy: Social media's role as a bridge requires a dedication to and understanding of social media's shared value: building business through a long-term approach vs. short term approach, focus on audience priorities, and developing a halo effect over the brand and its efforts.

11:20 — Joy: One customer experience — that's the goal of all of our advertising/marketing. It's our social media unicorn. How do we get to that?

11:21 — Joy shares their five step process.

11:22 — Joy: 1.) Identify the overlapping goals — it brings all key stakeholders to the table for conversation. Obtain executive support early and allow for the opportunity to focus efforts holistically — it helps prioritize goals. ATO priorities.

11:24 — Joy: We have four keys that many priorities ladder up to. (It's easier to report on.)

11:25 —  Joy: 2.) Identify social support opportunities. We offer a one-pager for objectives, strategies, and the what/why.

11:26 —  Joy: 3.) Determine what is needed to make it work. Budget/time/resources discussion. Give ideas in their language.

  • Tier 1: Companywide campaign
  • Tier 2: Integrated plan
  • Tier 3: Sharable story
  • Tier 4: Just a tweet

11:27 — Joy: 4.) Identifying success. Establish total group ownership of the program's performance — a one team mindset. Integrate into each other's process.

11:30 — Joy: 5.) Measuring success. Just remember who you're speaking to. Agree on what the metrics mean. Don't be afraid to course correct when needed. Collaborate and talk about overall impact to the company. And most of all, show value.

11:32 — Joy shares a quote from Brian Solis: “Shared experiences are forms of social currency.” Lots of collective brainpower that should bleed over to different departments.  Integrating with other groups and telling the story is our goal.

Q & A

Q:  How do you start the conversation with other departments?

A: Joy: Identified key stakeholders, found out what is important to them, and showed them what could happen (how I could help them). They see success, want more, and ask what you need. Give. Prove.