Highlights from the SocialMedia.org X Founders Meeting

Last week the SocialMedia.org X community had their Founders Meeting in Chicago.

They kicked off the meeting with a private dinner the night before to get to know each other over drinks and great food at a Brazilian steakhouse.

The next day, everyone jumped right into large group discussions on how the community works, plus what roles and organizations we want as fellow members of the community.

Then they defined the topics and issues most valuable to us and the other members of the community.

In the afternoon, they gathered into nine peer-to-peer unconferences for deep, small-group discussions.

SocialMedia.org X founders set the agenda in real time by picking the topics that mattered most to us during the meeting.

Overall, it was 24 hours of intense, inspiring, and fun conversations.

There was a lot of great energy and ideas, and we can’t wait to see this community get together again soon.

The most exciting part? This was just the warm up.

Stay tuned for details about our next Member Meeting.