Purple Council

Happy birthday, Purple Council!

One year ago, we officially opened the doors to the Purple Council with 17 companies, a lot of generosity, and tons of excitement. Last April, we gathered for the very first Purple Council Member Meeting in New York, and we haven't looked back since!

Here's some of the great stuff that happened this year:

  • 67 brands have been accepted for membership
  • 270 of the senior-most social media leaders have come aboard
  • 250 email discussions have helped members ask and answer each others' most urgent questions
  • 45 Council Calls have given members the chance to collaborate, share, and learn together
  • 4 Member Meetings have brought us face-to-face for deep discussions about the most pressing issues
  • 4 Purple Council companies have shared case studies at the Brands-Only Summit and Member Meetings

And now, two more Purple Council members are slated to share case studies at our next Member Meeting in New York, May 20-21.

Join us in wishing the Purple Council another great year, and check out case studies from Capital One's Andrew Kauz and Sherry Roper and lululemon's Sairah Hearn at our next Member Meeting.