Earn adoption from the C-suite and the front lines — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Roarke Lynch of SocialMedia.org. Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

9:35 — SocialMedia.org's Kurt Vanderah introduces Garmin International's Carla Meyer.

9:36 — Carla: Social media has totally changed over the last two years, here is my experience as we learned and grew.

9:38 — Carla: I wanted to know what worked and where Garmin was when I started. We wanted to get down to brass tacks.

9:40 — Carla: We had a lot of competitive analysis to do — we looked at their social accounts, job boards, everywhere. Any nugget can help.

9:40 — Carla: Look at your audience, what are they creating, where do they want to go? Look at yourself, find your blind spots.

9:42 — Carla: Look at your goals on objectives, can you tie them to your C-Suite? Use your key milestones to show your progress. Have a roadmap, but be flexible.

9:44 — Carla: As you plan, think like a startup if are starting a social program. Buy-in from the upper levels helps adoptions from all staff.

9:45 — Carla: As you execute, think like an agency. Don't take no for an answer. Show everyone what you can do. You may not have the budget, user-generated content, or market of your competition — find creative ways to get around that. Be flexible.

9:46 — Carla: How are you telling the story? You will need to where many hats. Take risks, think outside of the norm. Dare to be creative and find the boundaries.

9:46 — Carla: I never thought I would help people jump off waterfalls. But we did.

9:47 — Carla: As you build, show and share data. The data can pave the way for a new program. You will get so much you can share and work with.

9:48 — Carla: Take what you do and translate it to your executives, you may not speak the same language and use the same terms. Boil things down to a few simple numbers, use industry benchmarks.

9:49 — Carla: Use your data! People will want to knock on your door when they see what you can do. It can help you grown your team and your resources.

9:50 — Carla: Make your plan scalable — up and down. Know where to grown and where to cut.

9:52 — Example: James did 50 iron mans in 50 days in 50 states. We joined him that with our action camera along with other brands. Look to other brands to collaborate with. You have brands with the same audiences but aren't competitors.

9:54 — Carla: Find a way to stand out in your space. We weren't getting the performance we wanted on Pinterest so we rebuilt it to get the engagement we wanted. Choose the right strategy for each platform. What worked in one place may not work in others.

9:56 — Carla: Social is changing the way we do business. Remember that, and have fun!


Q: Did you have legal questions when working with people jumping off waterfalls?

A: Carla: Yes, we worked with our attorneys, they will want to work with you. We had release forms, things like that.

Q: How deep did you dig into competitive analysis?

A: Carla: As much as we could, a lot of Googling and job boards. Conference videos, podcasts. We were scrappy, we didn't have any profession researchers at the start.

Q: How did you format the presentation up to executives?

A: Carla: Bullet points — We pulled in data, current trends in a PPT. Show your current state, competitive analysis. Point to brands you want to be like and what they are doing. Stay out of the weeds.