Denny Suh

Denny Suh, VP, Head of Social Media and Digital Content Strategy for Barclaycard

“I consider myself a digital marketer first,” says member Denny Suh.

I'd love for social to become a channel that's an inherent part of the overall culture of the organization.

“I believe social media should be a part of the larger mix of marketing channels, but understanding how it works and the nuances of social is what makes it valuable and special.”

Denny has been the Head of Social and Digital Content Strategy at Barclaycard since 2013 and was a Senior Digital Brand Manager at Capital One for seven years before that. He says that experience in the early days of social, especially in the financial industry, helped him understand the importance of internal social media education and adoption.

“When I first joined Barclaycard, social was viewed as separate. More of a bright, shiny object.”

He says that can put social in a silo away from other marketing initiatives. So now, a large part of Denny's job is to help demonstrate the value and the power of social to Barclaycard as a part of a larger marketing effort.

“A lot of the conversation is about relevancy in social media and that we have to earn the permission to talk about certain things.”

For example, with lifestyle campaigns like their recent Summer “Daily Dip,” Denny's team shares tidbits like this one:

Barclaycard Twitter

Denny works with a small team to handle content and care, branded assets, and Barclaycard's partner brands in social.

“Yes, we run harder and faster than we would like to on most days, but the beauty of a smaller team is that you get more shared thought, more diversity of thought. The team does a nice job of understanding what the organizational needs are and matching that with our capabilities in social.”

He says these are the things that influence their strategy most:

  1. Barclaycard's business objectives
  2. Helping partner-related content co-exist with Barclaycard's branded content
  3. Shifting the focus from acquiring fans to earning their loyalty and advocacy

He says that transition from pure fan acquisition to upping their level of engagement has been a big success story for his team. Denny plans to put a heavy emphasis on the results that come from campaigns like their “Daily Dip” to make the case for more integrated social marketing.

“I'd love for social to become a channel that's an inherent part of the overall culture of the organization — to be considered earlier in the conversations.”

Find Denny on Twitter and ask about his obsession with the McRib. Denny's been a member of since 2015.