David Rabjohns: How measuring social segments can improve your marketing impact — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

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11:00 — SocialMedia.org's Don Vanderslice introduces Motivequest's CEO, David Rabjohns.

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11:02 — Micro-marketing – how to take social media and give it more impact. How can we sell more cheese? The same people would dramatically change their perspective on cheese depending on where they were. At home or at the gym? Demographics didn't matter at much. Micro-segmentation.

11:03 — Modern marketing – identifying people with a passion and talk to them.

11:04 — Major shift, examples, and tips. Nike's traditional ad budget was reduced by 40% between '09 and '12. Nike is going where customer is..online communities. 3 ways: community engagement, software relationships, and product buzz. It's working. Reduced media spend and increased revenue.

11:07 — Kraft used this insight to build a $200m new beverage brand in 3 years. Mio – liquid crystal light. Understood needs of millennials.

11:08 — It's not about demographics. Think about segmentation like the magazine rack at Barnes & Nobles. Our interests and passions are contextual not demographic.

11:09 — Organize your data contextually. Video gaming – 55 million conversations. Think of data in slices, not channels.

11:10 — Smaller slices – health and medical – obesity, cancer, cardiac, asthma and allergies.

11:11 — A brand in a pickle – Claussen brands. Where are people naturally talking about pickles and what are they talking about? Pickle juice is fun to talk about. Natural gatorade, fitness and health, pickltinis. Kraft/Claussen simply started sharing stories of how to enjoy pickle juice.

11:12 — Claussen pickles were hard to find because they are the only brand that's refrigerated. Created YouTube series on how to find them. Attracted 1m viewers on YouTube. Twice the payback of traditional media. Top 3 ROI in the company.

11:13 — Realize that mattering a lot to a few people is more important than mattering a little to everyone. -Seth Godin

11:15 — Greek yogurt has grown so much because they are tapping into specific communities. Dieting, TheBump.com, Parents, Athletes, Foodies. Dieting – achieving weight loss goals. Foodies – richer, creamier. Parents – they feel better when they're giving their kids greek yogurt over traditional yogurt.

11:17 — 3 tips to discover growth: explore the data sources to find untapped growth opportunities, activate your strategy against what consumers are passionate about, optimize as you go to give your strategy room to expand.

11:18 — Who are my sources, where am I strong as a brand, and where can I leverage that, how can I find my competitors' weaknesses.

11:19 — We're clustering around the things we're passionate about. Think tribal.

Q & A

Q: How do you pull data?

A: How do people naturally find your product? Find links they are going to. Like a mega-panel.

Q: How do you reconcile brand marketing?

A: What's out there that people are passionate about? Prius – people bought cars for the planet, not to save money. So we went to those places.

Q: Are you targeting to individual segments with ads?

A: Depends on client and media. Go to online forums and reach out distinctly to those communities.

Q: Any examples of micro-marketing gone wrong?

A: Going about it demographically. Prius vs. LandRover. I own both cars but live in different worlds. It's about the passion, not the demographic.

Q: It seems like you're looking for a lot more data. How do we do that with small team/small budget?

A: With data, bad data in, bad insights out. It's important to categorize Resource allocation – we help our clients with that. Which one do I go after first?

Q: How do you tap into passions in the B2B space?

A: B2B people are very passionate and engaged. May not be talking about it on Twitter. You need to be in the right places like forums. If you don't have passion, that is telling. What are people passionate about that I can attach my brand to?