Coldwell Banker Real Estate: Winning with WINtegration — Live from Member Meeting 35

Coverage of this session by Jordan Ynostrosa of Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

1:30 —'s Kurt Vanderah introduces Coldwell Banker Real Estate's Senior Manager of Media Engagement, Lindsay Listanski.

1:31 — Lindsay: We are the biggest social voices in the world. members = the best in the biz. We really want to be like Robert Horry. Why does he matter? He has more championship titles than Lebron, Jordan and Kobe. He is the “ultimate role player”.

1:32 — Lindsay says that, without social media:

  • A press release will still go out
  • A commercial will still air
  • A campaign will still be successful
  • But with it, you win championships

1:34 — We want to be the ultimate role players of our industries.

1:35 — To win you must ‘Wintegrate'

  • Who owns social?
  • Social media belongs to every department

1:35 — Lindsay talks about their most recent campaign – ‘Home's Best Friend' commercial. But, what do dogs have to do with real estate? Lindsay shares how they're focusing on the emotional tie to our homes. Our home is our happy place.

1:36 — Lindsay: The beginning of the commercial is really sad. Dogs are sad…waiting for their owner to come home. But when you come home they are so excited & happy. That is the emotion we appealed to. There's no place like home… with a dog.

1:37 — Homes for Dogs Project – 20,000 homes for 20,000 dogs
“Coldwell Banker has been helping man find a home for 100 years. Now it’s time to help man’s best friend.”

1:38 — Social Good = Good Social

  • Win for franchisees – (community aspect)
  • Win for consumers – (puppies work)
  • Win for dogs – (Forever Home)

1:39 — Teamwork makes the dream work. Wintegration = winning with total integration.

1:40 — Launch week of the Academy Awards. Our main focus was finding a website that was going to break the news. We used Mashable. The fact that it was picked up, we knew we were on to something really great. Created tons of content – how to live with a dog, quick tips and trips, lifestyle of living with a dog.

1:41 — Lindsay: Day of Academy awards, we created our own red carpet. Dressed up the dogs, put them on the red carpet. Hosted a twitter party we collaborated with Huge success.

1:42 — Lindsay: But real time marketing can land you in the dog house. (Beware chasing the “Oreo” moment of fame). We aren't just going to tweet to tweet. We tweet with a purpose.

1:43 — Lindsay: We used the Academy Awards to find pups their forever home. Every dog that shows up in the commercial, we will find a look-a-like pet from – using the hashtag #HomeRocks & tweeting throughout the awards.

1:44 — Lindsay: A real estate ad showing up in the trending topics (without sponsored ads)? That doesn't happen. For us, to see #HomeRocks trending was awesome.  Not only were we trending, but consumers were really excited about these dogs.

1:44 — Lindsay: We wanted to make sure we continued the campaign — keeping it going with Woof Wednesday.

1:45 — Our soft goal launch goal was 150K — Actual 3M (1,900%). Hard launch YTD goal was 1M — Actual 6M (500%). And over 3K dogs have been adopted since our campaign launch.

1:47 — 56% of Americans engage in another digital activity during their TV sessions, a behavior termed “screen-stacking.” –Forbes

  • We now add hashtags in all of our commercials. Definitely works for us.

1:48 — Lindsay explains how you can’t just have a party and hope people show up. You need:

  • Invites & RSVPs
  • To promote the party
  • Party favors
  • Sent out office posters, dog bowls, leashes…etc.

1:49 — Lindsay: Using emojis as hashtags is a great way for people to find your pictures. Gets you ahead of the curve.

1:49 — Lindsay shares how annotations are a PAWesome way to drive traffic (for free!)

  • In-video Promo Annotations
  • Drive viewers to more content
  • Increase community actions on your videos
  • Attract new subscribers

1:50 — Video ads on Facebook are the “Cat’s Pajamas”

  • Commercial
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Meet the Stars
  • Bloopers
  • Red Carpet Rollout

1:50 — Lindsay: Our AHA! Moment: Everyone took ALL the credit. (BUT)social media helped WIN the championship.

Q & A:

Q: How long did it take to create the whole strategy? people on team?

A: Everyone in HR, PR, agencies, social, 15-20 people, PR agency, digital agency who made commercial. July/August is when we plan. Shoot commercials in fall – new year is when we start to roll out.

Q: Can you shed some light on the “Oreo Moment”

A: Moment that went down in history. Super bowl 2-3 years ago. Oreo jumped in on twitter & social media exploded. It started something in Social Media that made everyone think they needed an ‘oreo moment'. Oreo nailed it. But it is really hard for that to work for your brand. Most of the time consumers don't like it.

Q: Were any of the things you were looking at during this campaign different than normal?

A: Traffic is huge. Seeing the year over year increase in traffic was something we didn't think, but was helpful.

Q: How did you convince the higher ups that it was worth it?

A: Our CEO has 2 rescued dogs. But there wasn't a lot of convincing. Our brand sees a lot of value in social. It's not a matter of convincing for us. Really just figuring out budget. The more value we can show, tying it back to leads is helpful.

Q: How you track leads?

A: Lead router, ties in with google analytics team. Social referral metric, we can see when they come to site and what actions they are taking. If they click email or call, that counts as a lead.