Chad Parizman

Chad Parizman, Head of Social Media and Digital Communications at Pfizer

Chad Parizman's career in social media started with the housing crash.

What's the strength of the content we have today? And how do we get better at creating that content ourselves?

With a history as a computer programmer, developer, and IP Director, member Chad was working at Scripps on an internal innovation and new business development team in 2009. With the crash, Scripps told him he could stay with the company, but in a new position — one focused on social media.

That was the same year Twitter launched, and the year Facebook started opening the door to people outside of colleges. Foursquare would launch a year later.

In his eleven years with Scripps, Chad held a variety of titles including Director of Community Management, Director of Mobile and Social, and Director of Convergent Media. He says some of the highlights from his time there included being a part of the launch of Snapchat's Discover program. With Food Network as one of Snapchat's launch partners, Chad was able to figure out how to staff around the platform, what good Snapchat content looks like, and how people were interacting with it.

In June, he joined Pfizer as their Head of Social Media and Digital Communications.

He sits within the Global Communications group as a part of Corporate Affairs. “I work on anything that's not ‘buying our product,'” explains Chad. Instead, he focuses on social and digital initiatives for things like headaches, breast cancer, disease awareness, and the research being done at Pfizer.

Pfizer Twitter

That includes working with content teams, both internally and externally, working with agency partners through development to launch of their new sites like and

“It's a lot of air-traffic control,” he says.

“Everyone at Pfizer understands the value of content.”

He says that focus on the content drew him to the company in the first place. His first big challenge will be to figure out how to optimize that content across all of the different platforms and how to start generating their own content.

“What's the strength of the content we have today? And how do we get better at creating that content ourselves? That's the big mission I've taken on here.”

Now, he's focused on telling the story of Pfizer's research.

It's part an effort to pull away from the big pharma reputation and sharing their work in science. He says that in a world where guys like Neil DeGrasse Tyson are rockstars, “It's a great time to be in the science communications space.”

“I think it's like a bottomless well we have here, and thinking about how to tap into that is the biggest thing that gets me excited about working here.”

While the future of social is hard to predict, Chad's sure of one thing: change.

“In the early days, you could get away with being on Facebook or Twitter,” he says. “Now you have to be everywhere: Instagram, reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat. Someone asked me recently, ‘When do we stop?' The answer is probably ‘never.' We're constantly having to think about what's next. We're constantly evaluating.”

Chad's been a member of since 2011. Follow him on Twitter here.