Caitlin McDonald is one of 300 who touch social media at Rogers Communications

Some people got into social media when someone else decided it was their job — some asked for it.

Caitlin McDonald is one of those who asked. While she was working for agency Cundari in the early days of social, there was no specific role for social media yet. “Which is crazy to think about now,” she says. “So I told them, ‘I would love to be your first social media strategist.'”

She wrote content, handled analytics, built wireframes for microsites, and managed social communities. “At the agency, it was such a fast-paced environment and an amazing place to start my career. I could learn basically all aspects of social media at the time.”

But eventually, Caitlin wanted to work for one brand she could be passionate about.

“I wanted a niche role I could sink my teeth into.”

That's why she joined the social team at Rogers Communications in 2013 as a part of their Center of Excellence. They served as a hub for the company's over 50 brands to come to for social media governance, training, influencer relations, strategic planning, monitoring, and reporting.

As Rogers progressed in social, they moved away from a centralized model and integrated social into the business units. Today, every brand has a dedicated community manager and someone working on social strategy.

Now, Caitlin's focused on training and governance for the 300+ people working on social at Rogers.

You read that right. Over 300 people touch social media at Rogers.

Caitlin's job is to make sure they're working with consistent processes and policies. That can mean getting everyone to use the same reporting tools or getting everyone up to speed on new influencer disclosure policies.

With a social media force that large, security plays a big part in her role.

Caitlin manages the tools and implements the processes to protect Rogers Communications' brands. She also works closely with the legal team to make sure the right people have access to passwords and admin credentials for their hundreds of social properties.

She leads a team in monitoring for account hacks, fake accounts, and impersonation accounts.

“I'm looking forward to working on projects that enable employees in social.”

According to Caitlin, Rogers is a progressive place when it comes to social media. “Employees are keen to share Rogers news and be ambassadors for the organization,” she says.

This year, the Rogers brand team shared a campaign for International Women's Day using #SheInspiresMe to highlight female Rogers employees. But she says it's more than just a social media campaign. Rogers also has a program to help women connect with their VPs and senior management through mentorship, speaking events, and just a chance to get coffee.

“All of my bosses so far have been strong female leaders that have helped me build my career. I'm proud that this is a role I've evolved and my bosses allowed me to mold into what it is today.”

Caitlin has been a member of since 2015. Follow her on Twitter.