The Brands-Only Summit recap: 400 social media leaders. 225 brands. 3 incredible days.

Last week's Brands-Only Summit was an extraordinary family reunion. It was an incredibly spirited, energizing, and huggy social media conference.

We were blown away by the response: 400 social media leaders from 225 brands attended. (With no vendors, sponsors, or consultants — save for a handful of guest faculty members teaching classes — allowed in the room.)

Getting so many social media executives together reminded us just how special the people leading the social media movement at big brands are. (See the tweets below for a glimpse of the experience.)

Presentations from this Brands-Only Summit will be available soon.

Until then, the Storify collection of tweets from the event is a great place to start, as is our live blog posts from throughout the conference.

Here's a glimpse of the Brands-Only Summit experience through some of our favorite tweets: