BMC Software: Influencer Analysis at BMC — Live from Member Meeting 30

Coverage of this session by Travis Kenney of Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

2:10 —'s Lauren Clevenger introduces BMC Software's Social Media Manager, Eric T. Tung.

2:13 — Eric: What were we looking for: We wanted to determine top industry influencers, track influencers to determine what they think are trends, gauge influencers' social status, and find which outlets and websites are most popular among influencers (Klout isn't good enough).

2:15 — Eric: What we found out: Two influencers lead the Cloud conversation in media, just because you are lower on the list, doesn't mean you are less influential.

2:17 — Eric says that out of the top 50 influencers, 26 are from new outlets and 24 influencers write primarily for blogs (blogs provided more targeted information).

2:19 — Eric: The top 50 influencers represent 83.62% of the total influence of all authors in the Meme.

2:20 — Eric: The top 25 influencers: If an influencer has good social presence but low overall relevance, their social channel scores my be greater than their influence.

2:21 — Eric talks about Tier 1 influencers: Reach out to them, then Tier 2 follow closely, and finally keep an eye on Tier 3.

2:23 — Eric on thought leaders vs. conversation leaders: Some individuals who may be regarded as thought leaders in the space do not rank well in our Meme. Thought leadership is not the same as digital influence. To be influential, an individual must be currently active within a conversation.


Q: How are you activating influencers once you've identified them?

A: Eric: Trends of 2014 guest blog series. One of the hard things is that there are a lot of influencers out there but they are affiliated with a competitor. It's hard to find a neutral influencer.

Q: How do you choose which channel to grow? Why are you on Pinterest?

A: Eric: We inherited a lot of existing accounts.

Q: What was your criteria for identifying influencers?

A: Eric: We look at what they are talking about and who follows them.

Q: How do you keep an eye on 100 influencers?

A: Eric: We use Radian6 and use some pretty sophisticated tracking rules. We look at what's important to different tiers of influencers.