Beth Ambaruch

Beth Ambaruch, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at PTC

“Corporate communications is constantly evolving,” says Beth Ambaruch.

A successful person in this job needs to be incredibly flexible and work on multiple things in a day.

And with over 20 years in corporate communications, she should know. member Beth started first at Arbortext, which was later acquired by PTC, where she leads global social strategy now.

According to Beth, she got to her position at the tech company as the Senior Director of Corporate Communications by staying curious. “I'm always learning, and when you're always learning and always interested, you're going to naturally progress,” she explains.

Beth was there to establish PTC's first social media team.

She says she looked for candidates with a strong social media skill set combined with a mind for analytics and metrics. She wanted teammates who could not only report on metrics, but also explain why they're important.

“Social media employees also have to be good content producers. They don't wait for someone from marketing to provide their information. They're aware of trends in the market and proactive about creating content that we can repurpose across channels,” she says.

But her team at PTC extends beyond the formal social media team.

With over 6,000 employees worldwide, Beth's small team of three decided to scale their social media capabilities by creating a “Lead Social Media” team. The Lead Social Media team has representatives from different products, segments, and business groups throughout the organization.

They come together every couple of weeks to talk strategy and share a newsletter with ideas for the best way to showcase new information on PTC tech in social media. They also provide templates and spreadsheets to help them with targeting the right audience.

Beth says they chose this team based on who was already interested and active in social media. They also self-select replacements when one Lead Social Media team member leaves their position. So when it comes to social media guidance, Beth keeps the rules simple:

  • Be open
  • Be honest
  • Be transparent
  • Be kind

Beth says, “If our Social Media Lead team can keep to those, we're going to be fine.”

“I like that social media is a very unfiltered view of what's going on with your customers.”

Social media employees are aware of trends in the market and proactive about creating content…

She explains that if something isn't right, chances are, they'll hear about it quickly, which means they have to adapt and respond quickly as well.

“The question that's going to bubble up in your feed may not be in your daily list of things to do — so a successful person in this job needs to be incredibly flexible and work on multiple things in a day.”

But Beth has a positive outlook on criticism and negative feedback. “We've been fortunate that our customers are very communicative with us and they keep us on track,” she says. “I don't look at these things as a problem. I see it as them telling us something we need to know.”

Looking forward, Beth doesn't want PTC to get complacent in social media.

That's especially important in the fast-moving tech world where, Beth explains, new, game-changing tech can come out monthly.

“I want our team to always be curious, because when you're curious, you're open to new ideas, and when you're open to new ideas, you try new technologies that might offer you something interesting.”

Beth's been a member of since 2015. Find her on Twitter to follow her favorite stuff happening in augmented reality tech.