Amanda Tucker

Amanda Tucker, Global Social Media Manager for Analog Devices

After grad school, Amanda Tucker edited “articles” for a website.

But at a certain point in her tenure, they started calling those articles “web logs,” which was eventually shortened to “blogs.” And while she enjoyed editing, she really loved the networking more. That began her entry into the social media space in 2007, where she worked in consulting. “Consulting is how all of us were starting out in social media then,” Amanda says.

And in 2010, she was brought on to NetApp to help their sales team build a presence in social media.

Amanda was the first to create a social media program for NetApp's sales and marketing teams.

We want to grow engagement and followers, but there's a fine line between paid and organic social media.

Before “social selling” was a buzz word, she was training NetApp's sales teams across the Americas on how to optimize their LinkedIn pages, set up a Twitter account, follow best practices, and participate in social media around events. She explains that although her role was separate from NetApp's corporate social media team, she still received a lot of support from them, and they were eager to share information and resources.

“The corporate social media team was fantastic, and it was a great meeting of the minds.”

Now the Global Social Media Manager at Analog Devices, Amanda went from focusing solely on social selling to doing all things social for an international company of over 9,600 employees.

The social media team at Analog Devices is growing, which means more focus and attention on the social channels, employee advocacy, paid social media, and social listening. Those activities happen on top of the the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining the social media content calendar and working with the 22 business units to make sure their voices are heard. It goes without saying, like for most social media teams, daily life at ADI is very busy!

Amanda recently hired a social media specialist to help her carry the load and assist with social listening and the content calendar.

“Hiring the right person was a challenge,” she explains.

“We knew what we wanted. And we knew it would only be worth hiring a specialist if we could find someone as close to perfect as we could get.”

Amanda was looking for someone with social media in their background — not just as a part of their role, but as their main responsibility. She needed someone who could hit the ground running, had enough experience, and of course, could write.

Right now, Analog Devices is focused on figuring out paid vs. organic social media and employee advocacy.

“Paid social media is an interesting and enjoyable conundrum for us,” Amanda says. “We want to grow engagement and followers, but there's a fine line between paid and organic social media. It will be an interesting challenge to figure out the right balance.”

She also just launched an employee advocacy program through EveryoneSocial. She's helped onboard about 50 early adopters and partnered with the heads of talent acquisition, sales, and other business units to help bring more people on.

Future areas on the social media roadmap include a more globalized strategy and process, and developing an external influencers program.

“I make a point of meeting as many people as I can,” says Amanda.

She explains that it can be a challenge to keep up with an innovative tech company and to understand the daily lives of their engineers. So she purposefully seeks out the people who can help her understand the best way to market their tech.

“A lot of my life has been spent behind a computer, but I enjoy people and making personal connections,” she says.

Amanda goes to as many trade shows and live events as she can, meeting with Analog Device's engineers and asking questions. “I always try to be in the right place at the right time to meet people who work here — not just networking online, but offline as well.”

She looks forward to using those connections to grow thought leaders both internally and externally at Analog Devices. “How can we work with them to make sure the voice of Analog Devices is heard wherever it needs to be heard?”

Amanda's been a member of since 2014. Follow her on Twitter and ask about Analog Devices' innovative products and solutions.