A recap of this year’s Brands-Only Summit

Whew. We're back from this year's Brands-Only Summit. We celebrated our community's 10th anniversary with 230 members from 130 brands. We had 32 peer-to-peer discussions, 24 case studies, and great conversations and connections between social media leaders at big brands.

This year was extra special — it was 100% off-the-record and 100% members-only. That made for incredibly useful conversations. It made everyone comfortable opening up and talking about the tough issues you just can't anywhere else.

It was also a lot of fun, too. We went backstage on the set of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! for dinner, and then grabbed dessert at the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Members, you can catch our more in-depth recap with photos here.

Not a member of SocialMedia.org? If you're running social at a big brand, this community can help. Talk to us about joining and being with the family at next year's annual Summit: https://socialmedia.org/join/