A look at Hartford’s Unofficial Unconference, hosted by Voya Financial

This week, we held the final Unofficial Unconference in our inaugural fall series — which saw social media leaders having private, peer-to-peer discussions in relaxed, 3-4 hour sessions hosted in members’ offices across the country.

Voya Financial's Social Media Manager, Caitlin Scanlon, hosted our sixth meeting (rounding out our first five in Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix, and the Twin Cities) — bringing together Hartford-area social media leaders from: Big Y Foods, Charter Communications, Pratt & Whitney, Travelers, United Technologies Corporation, and Voya Financial.

They kicked off the meeting with lunch discussions before moving into three rounds of unconferences — where attendees could talk about the topics that mattered most to them that day.

A huge thank you to Caitlin for all the hard work she put into making this amazing meeting possible.

Everyone involved put together an incredible afternoon of brands-only conversations — and it was a huge success!

We’ve loved seeing this first series unfold over these past few months. And this fantastic meeting in Hartford was a great way to end it.

Our next series will be kicking off in January — stay tuned for more updates on leaders-only conversations across the country!