A look at Dallas’ Unofficial Unconference, hosted by Raytheon’s Nicole Lightbourne

This week, we continued our series of Unofficial Unconferences — private, peer-to-peer discussions in relaxed, 3-4 hour sessions hosted in members’ offices — in Dallas, TX.

Raytheon's Digital and Social Media Manager, Nicole Lightbourne, hosted the meeting — making it our fifth after Unofficial Unconferences in Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix, and the Twin Cities. Nicole brought together Dallas/Fort Worth area social media leaders from: Exxon Mobil, Fossil, Hilton, Hilti North America, and PepsiCo.

They kicked off the meeting with lunch discussions before starting their unconferences — where attendees talked about the topics that mattered most to them that day.

A huge thank you to Nicole for all the hard work she put into making this amazing meeting possible.

Everyone involved put together an incredible afternoon of brands-only conversations — and it was a huge success!

We’re looking forward to seeing more meetings with this great Dallas network.

It’s exciting to see this series continue to grow — stay tuned for more updates as we hold our final Unofficial Unconferences for the season!