3M: Centralization across the enterprise — Live from Member Meeting 39

Coverage of this session by Courtney Graham of SocialMedia.org. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

2:10 — SocialMedia.org's Kayal Rajendran introduces 3M's Global Social Media Strategist, Amber Campeau, and Global Social Media Measurement & Analytics Leader, Suzy Langlois.

2:11 — Suzy: You may know 3M for Post-Its, but you may not know that we are a global science information company and the majority is BtoB. We've been on a journey over the last year to centralize social operations in the enterprise.

2:12 — Suzy: It started with re-architecture. From decentralized with no governance to centralized with a focus on content. We had a lot of disconnected efforts.

2:13 — Suzy: The efforts are more targeted and focused on growing our communities instead of launching new channels.

2:14 — Suzy: We started with a Social Landscape Audit

  • Over 600 known social properties with limited activity/growth = a need for consolidation
  • Fragmented communities, inconsistent brand experience, insufficient resourcing, strategy not apparent = a need for governance

2:16 — Amber: To start some of this process we needed to build a foundation.

  • Updated our social media standard
  • Created an infographic
  • Creation of four procedures
  • Governance
  • Affiliation disclosures
  • Advertising employee advocacy
  • + More to come!

2:18 — Amber: We ask ourselves, if we were to start with social media today, what would it look like? Scalable communities is the focus of what we want to move forward with.

2:20 — Amber: One tool we work with is Brandle. It helps us identify a few things:

Inventory – AKA the “known”

  • Approximately 680 social properties “known”
  • 67% of properties will be consolidated
  • Push and track adoption of enterprise tools

2:22 — The second stage is working the “unknown.”

Discovery – AKA the “unknown:”

  • Hundreds to thousands
  • Will need to identify owners and consolidate/optimize, or take other actions (IP claims, distributor education, etc.)

2:21 — Amber: Plenty of future opportunities that we find in this process. Some opportunities we've identified:

  • Consistency of branding
  • Clean up naming conventions in pages, names, handles and URLs
  • Avatars: consistency, clear photos
  • Centralize access/obtain passwords
  • Activity
  • Govern access
  • Measurement

2:23 — Amber: We've gone from being internal consultants to doers. We grew to having our own specialities. We work cross-functionally to help in consolidation and re-focus.

2:24 — Suzy: Big focus on content and having it be shareable content. We look for quality, cadence, collaboration, and performance. We also look to balance global consistency with a local relevancy.

2:25 — Suzy: Another main focus is paid social media advertising.

  • Quality content creation
  • Share to 3M Global Social Channel

2:27 — Suzy:  Another focus is on demand generation.

  • Social touch points span the journey
  • Especially for BtoB, demand generation is a key role of social
  • Drive users from social to the web
  • Capture leads
  • Nurture through sales and loyalty
  • Directly attribute social impact on revenue


Q: How did the regions get onboard with you centralizing all that content?

A: The regions actually wanted the centralization because of limited resources. It helped to make their life easier. WE make it a two-way flow — we share with them, and they can share with us.

Q: Can you talk about the process you have in place to limit the demand generation content?

A: We have the content pillars and we do make sure that it appeals to the broader audience. Our businesses work with us and the content they have and the targets they want to reach. We're still in the beginning of this process, but we do use dark posts to test content.

Q: How did you handle language translations?

A: It sometimes depends on what social network we're working with and the region. Depending on the platform, the region can post in their native language.

Q: What is the interception of marketing automation and social look like for you?

A: We're on that journey as well. It remains to be seen how we will marry the content planning process. We have content planners in all parts of the company, and we're trying to make that planning more efficient. Also, trying to figure out how we best bring together teams like marketing, digital, etc. to be a stronger content engine.