We’re excited to welcome Carolyn Cohen from H&R Block, Lindsey Gidjunis from Cigna, and Nils Thorson from Transamerica to the Green Council family!

H&R Block’s Carolyn Cohen, Cigna’s Lindsey Gidjunis, and Transamerica’s Nils Thorson

Carolyn is a SocialMedia.org alumna from her time at Garmin and recently joined the team at H&R Block as their new Senior Marketing Manager. In this new role, she works to develop and support their paid and organic content strategies, manage their content calendar, and educate the organization on relevant social media trends.

Lindsey is the Global Social Media Marketing Manager at Cigna and has been with the organization for five and a half years. She’s joining the community with loads of expertise around how they’ve developed and evolved their social media strategy.

Nils is Transamerica’s Associate Director of Media, where he serves as the lead strategist for all forms of media. In that role, he has developed a Center of Excellence for paid media tracking across all campaigns.

We’re glad to have you all with us!