We’re excited to welcome Jeanne Cox and Jae Wiss from Schneider Electric, Katy Ng from Northwestern Mutual, and Amy Merk from MGM Resorts to the Blue Council family!

From left: Jeanne Cox, Jae Wiss, Katy Ng, and Amy Merk
  • Jeanne is the U.S. Integrated Marketing Campaign Deployment Manager at new member company Schneider Electric. In that role, she works to implement campaigns across their social and digital media channels.
  • Jae is Schneider Electric’s Global Social Media Community Activation Lead, and she oversees global communication with their regional and business social media leads across the globe. 
  • Katy is the Senior Manager of Competitive and Social Insights at Northwestern Mutual and has been there for a little over a year.
  • Amy is MGM Resorts’ Paid Social and Corporate Partnerships Media Investment Strategy Manager and has been with the organization for three and a half years.

We’re excited to have you all with us!