For Leaders Like You

If you’re leading social media at a major brand, you belong in this family.

Membership is efficient and easy.

Getting answers is fast and easy — much faster than your other resources. Our professional staff takes care of everything so you can focus on the conversations. Get the full value of membership in as little as 15 minutes a week.

Designed for busy leaders.

  1. Super fast. Just ask questions, get answers.
  2. Participate from anywhere.
  3. No apps, no webinars. Just email and phone.
  4. Meetings are one night — in and out.
  5. 100% facilitated to eliminate clutter and distractions.

Members will have your problem solved while you’re still waiting for a vendor to write a proposal and give you a quote.

There are five easy ways to ask a question, and we’ll find the most efficient way to get you an answer. An email will solve your problem in minutes, a short call untangles a complex situation in less than an hour.

The missing piece you need to lead a great program.

As a big brand, you’ve got vast resources available — agencies, experts, research, and technology.

But you’re missing the one thing you need most to run a successful program: unbiased and unfiltered advice from experienced executives who understand the challenges you’re facing.

Outsiders can’t help you with internal leadership issues. Vendors can’t help you manage your vendor. A vendor’s advice always matches the solutions they sell. Packaged research is never as good as real-time advice from practitioners. A consultant is never as knowledgeable as someone who’s actually solved your problem.

You need a generous, vendor-free group of peers who do what you do — and want to help.

Membership in should be the first line in your budget, because it makes everything else work better.

Everything you do, you’re doing for the first time. You need to be able to turn to people who’ve been there and done that before you make critical decisions. You don’t have to go it alone.

With a smaller program and a smaller team, you need the collective resources of all our members. They’re like an instant advisory board that has the knowledge, data, and experience that you don’t have internally.

The bigger the program, the bigger the budgets, risk, and exposure. You need the collective resources of all of our members to validate your decisions. It’s like an insurance policy to reduce your risk and protect your program (and yourself).