FAQ A – $ & Purchase process

  • What does it cost? all-inclusive, no upsell, why it costs what it does (and what is included)
  • How do people find budget for this?
  • Tool for champion to get leadership buy-in
  • No Discounts – I like it, but I want to negotiate the price, can I?

FAQ B – Who’s in

  • Qualifications – why we’re such sticklers
  • Bad fits examples
  • Why we don’t let junior people in

FAQ C – Conversations and Experience

  • I don’t have a lot of time… wouldn’t this take up time?
  • What to expect from your first sample experience
  • What our staff does – what we actually do: moderation, connections
  • Meet the team  — video intros – sales and MD’s
  • Tools – what tech we use (Member Center, TurboBridge (allows muting))
  • Confidentiality stories – How can you actually enforce confidentiality?

FAQ D – Why People Join

  • Missing piece – this is supplemental
  • Competitor breakdown – pros and cons / why we’re different
  • Best PtoP groups out there – here are all the others… Talent Brand Alliance, Mayo SMC
  • Why you may actually be better off buying research / consulting
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Can’t I just join a free group? $15k????

FAQ E – Objections

  • What about having competitors in my group?
  • What are you talking about in the community?
  • Why do people leave the community?
  • Why you shouldn’t join this community
    • PLY stuff (you, or your program)
    • Genuine budget limits — this is not “cheap”
  • Things to consider before joining our community
    • Ethical, generous, kind?
    • Etc