Brands-Only Call on Re-engineering Your Social Media Content Strategy in COVID-19’s “New Normal”

May 6, 2 PM CT / 3 PM ET

  • No vendors.
  • Big companies.
  • Senior leaders only.

About the call:

Re-engineering your social media content strategy
in COVID-19’s “new normal”

A lot — if not all — of your pre-planned content and paid or organic campaigns have taken a backseat with the COVID-19 outbreak. Join senior leaders at major brands to discuss how you are restructuring your social media content strategy.

We can cover:

  • Are you staying dark? Have you altered your strategy? If so, when are you hoping to return to normal?
  • What’s your process for reviewing your content’s tone and appropriateness?
  • Are you focusing your content on public service-style announcements? Your CSR efforts? Your role in combating COVID-19? Thanking your customers? Or, returning to pre-planned content?

Share your strategic approach to this and how you’re managing these changes. Join this call to share perspectives with people like you, with jobs like yours, at companies like yours.

Who is joining the call (so far)

AIG, Airbnb, American Tire Distributors Holdings, AmTrust Financial Services, Amway, Bentley Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Bonduelle, Boyd Gaming, Burlington Stores, Del Monte Foods Company, Garmin International, GUESS, The Kroger Company, LL Bean, Michelin North America, The Nature’s Bounty Company [NBTY], Nordstrom, Pepco Holdings, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, PulteGroup, ResMed, and SAIC.

Who is not on this call

No vendors, consultants, small businesses, job seekers, or salespeople.

Nobody will pitch you. Everyone is someone like you, with a job like yours, at a company like yours.

How to join the line:

Use this form to register for’s private, brands-only call on Wednesday, May 6th, at 2 PM CT.

Each week, members hop on the phone for a real-time conversation about the hot topic on everyone’s mind, a behind-the-scenes look at a member’s program, or simply for a chance to pick each others’ brains. These aren’t presentations or webinars — just great conversations among members. And, because it’s confidential and vendor-free, you get much better information from people who’ve been there and done that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will be on the call? A hand-selected group of social media leaders from major brands.

Is it really brands-only? Yes, every participant is hand-screened. Only people running social media at major companies are allowed. No vendors, no salespeople, no sponsors.

Who is We are a brands-only community for social media leaders at the world’s greatest companies.

What happens after I register? We’ll reach out to set up a short conversation to prep you for the call. We do this for all participants, even if you’ve joined one of our calls in the past. We work hard to make this experience a valuable use of your time, and ensuring that all participants are prepped on the topic and understand how our conversations work is an important part of that process.

Do I have to join? Nope. This call is a sample discussion for non-members. But if you do join, our community has a conversation like this every week, and your inner circle of social media leaders can participate.

Who is the presenter? Nobody! Everyone contributes. It’s a discussion, not a webinar. You’ll have a deep conversation with people who have jobs like yours at organizations like yours.

Is it confidential? Yes, every participant agrees to keep the call confidential (and we ban observers, vendors, press, and analysts.)

What’s with all these rules? All this structure is what makes our conversations so useful for busy executives. High value, little noise.