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1:30 —’s Megan Uithoven introduces MillerCoors’ Director of Media Relations/Investor Relations, Jon Stern.

1:31 — Jon starts —  There are new beer makers everyday, so it’s hard to break through the clutter and tell the story on social media. We talk a lot about story narratives in the form of face, place, and story.

1:32 — Jon: “Face” is the Leinenkugel family, a sixth generation family of brewers. They are important to telling the story and making brand accessible.

1:33 — Jon: We are regulated so there are some limitations to the stories we can tell, but we focus on the family and events around the beer and the brewery. It’s all important to creating a face for the brand.

1:36 — Jon: “Place” is Wisconsin and integral to making this experience authentic to the audience. Creating a face and place to make sure they know it’s real — from the ingredients to local events.

1:37 — Jon: The story is 148 years of history with the Leinenkugel family. It’s a real story that we use to give the brand credibility and create a better experience.

1:39 — Jon also works on the media relations side as well as social. Started by hosting a Reddit AMA with Jake Leinenkugel where the audience could connect with Jake and the family behind the brand.

1:40 — Jon: We had great response from the AMA, but we also partnered with six Instagram influencers to experience the brand and tell the story for us. The invited the influencers out to Chippewa Falls for a canoe trip, a beer tasting, and brewery tour.

1:41 — Jon: For us, this was a big step. Bringing others in to help tell that story helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors and all the other beer makers out there.


Q: How did you identify the six Instagram influencers and secure them?

A: Jon: We worked with our agency to identify regular beer drinkers and outdoors enthusiast that were interested in the brand.

Q: Have you ever done promotion with Untapped?

A: Jon: We haven’t. We typically try to use our own platforms so we get a more holistic story.

Q: What are some of your top KPIs?

A: Jon: We’re into more engagement metrics especially since we are a limited team. We’re trying to get more built around this by working more with marketing.

Q: What do you do to get a broader appeal from those that maybe aren’t from Wisconsin?

A: Jon: We try to just have fun and celebrate with our audience. It extends into advertising and even the sales point.

Q: Do you have detractors online and how do you handle it?

A: Jon: We absolutely do. We get a lot of noise out there that we’re not a real craft beer. We just stick to our stories. Recommended to tell those narratives that give a more human face to the brand.

Q: How are you tracking conversion:

A: Jon: That would be a question for my team, but you just work to make sure the story exists in all parts of the marketing.

Q: Can you talk more about the KPIs from the Instagram story?

A: Jon: We wanted to get reach, engagement, and traffic up. It was the first time, and we tried something new so those basic metrics were the most important to us.

Q: With the influencer trip, did you ask them to produce certain content?

A: Jon: No, we just asked them to come and produce their own content. We felt the story was authentic and unique enough that they would find interesting things to cover. We wanted it to stay pure, just like the brand.

Q: Any other influencer campaigns coming up?

A: Jon: Yes, we’ve even worked with restaurants and hosted beer tastings. We try to work with retail partners or locals to meet the family and just interact with the brand.

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