Blockchain Board

The community for people leading blockchain strategy at the world’s biggest companies.

About the Community

We’re the private, vendor-free community for peer-to-peer support from leaders like you. There are certain things you can only talk about in total confidence with people like you, with jobs like yours (and problems like yours), at companies like yours.

Who Can Join

Individual qualifications:

  1. Decision maker: Senior decision makers who set strategy and policy.
  2. Substantial professional experience.
  3. Blockchain sophistication: Knowledge and experience to contribute to high-level discussions.

Company qualifications:

  1. No vendors: Major BtoB or BtoC client-side companies only.
  2. Minimum size: At least $1B in revenue and 4,000 employees.
  3. Budget authority: At least $500,000 directly related budget.

Why You’ll Love This

Better answers
You’ll get fast answers you can’t get anywhere else, from people who’ve actually been there and done that.

Less risk
Membership significantly reduces the four types of risk you face: vendor risk, paradigm risk, project risk, and policy risk.

Credibility and confidence
You’ll get external validation for your strategy, you’ll benchmark your program with other organizations, and you’ll never be caught by surprise.

A community of peers
You’ll get a community of people who know exactly what you’re going through and want to help.

Membership Deliverables

Membership includes:

  • A community membership on the Blockchain Board.
  • A board seat membership for the leader of your company’s membership.
  • Participation for your senior-most leaders focused on blockchain strategy.
  • Collaborative peer-to-peer calls.
  • Access to Member Meetings (+ registration fee).
  • Unlimited questions and real-time answers from our online discussions.
  • The best support and service from a member organization that you’ve ever seen.

You’ll also get:

  • A private, vendor-free community focused on the unique challenges you face.
  • Confidential, off-the-record conversations lead to critical information you can’t get anywhere else.
  • A trusted place to ask about vendors before signing those big contracts.
  • Hands-on experiences and feedback on new tools and technologies directly from members.
  • The ability to benchmark your program against other major companies.
  • Peace of mind knowing you won’t get caught by surprise when big, unexpected changes happen.

We provide forums, meetings, and content where members can collaborate, network, and share peer-to-peer best practices, strategies, benchmarks, and business advice; in person and online.


Founding members coming soon.