About Us

We’re not a social media company. We’re a help-the-good-guys-win company.

We help the change agents at the biggest companies on the planet make a difference.

We believe that companies that learn to engage their customers with social media are more successful and have more meaningful businesses. This is good for customers, good for society, and good for the world.

That’s because companies that use social media treat us better: They learn to care, to listen, to make better products, and to better serve their customers.

The people who step up to lead these initiatives inside big companies have a tough job. They’re a new kind of professional. Some of them work for enlightened companies who get it and support it and do it right, and some of them work for more frustrating institutions who don’t quite get it yet.

This work is important, and we get to help them do it.

The work social media leaders at big brands do, magnified by the size and scale of their resources and influence, has a real impact on the world. We help these good guys win by surrounding them with a community of peers who understand their challenges and support them.

The staff behind the SocialMedia.org community are GasPedal employees. Click here to meet us