We’re the private, 100% brands-only community for social media leaders.

“Brands only” actually means “brands only.”

We’re exclusively for senior social media leaders at big brands. We’re people with the same jobs as you, at companies a lot like yours, with challenges just like yours.

We’re leading social media at brands like McDonald’s, AMD, Boeing, BMW, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, P&G, and Chevron. (See the full list of all members here.)

That means no vendors and no selling. Ever. Really.

If someone isn’t running social media at a big brand, they can’t participate in SocialMedia.org activities, ever. Vendors are never allowed to see our discussions, never allowed to join our calls, and never allowed to sit in on our meetings. (This also means that big brands who sell social media services can’t have a membership.)

You won’t see vendors at events (in fact, non-brand folks can’t even attend). You won’t see “sponsored panels” at our events, you won’t get offers for “co-sponsored research,” and nobody will be surveying you. You’ll never hear the phrase, “and now, a few words from our sponsors.”

In our community, you’ll never have to question the motives behind the advice you’re getting, you’ll never have to filter what you say for fear of a vendor listening in, and nobody will ever try to sell you anything.

You’ll feel the difference from the moment you join.

Every member of our community is a senior social media leader.

Every member of SocialMedia.org is a decision-maker leading social media strategy and policy at a big brand. There are no junior staffers, front-line customer service representatives, or folks who work in support roles.

Everyone you meet will be someone who has been there and done that. They have the same jobs as you, they know exactly what you’re up against, and they’re ready to help.

Every conversation you have and every connection you make will be with someone who can help you become a better social media leader.

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