Orlando January 23-25, 2017

SocialMedia.org’s Brands‑Only Summit

The Conference for Social Media Leaders at the World’s Greatest Brands

No Vendors  Members Only  32 Peer-to-Peer Discussions  24 Case Studies

The Conference, Festival, and Family Reunion for Social Media Leaders at Really Big Companies

  • Invite-Only
  • Brands-Only
  • Members-Only
  • No Vendors

(Yes, really.)

29 brands are attending (so far):

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Brinker International, Brother International Corporation, Capital One, Cargill, Citrix, Costco Wholesale, FedEx, Hallmark, Hard Rock International, The Hershey Company, Hess, The J.M. Smucker Company, Kronos, Manulife / John Hancock, Moen, Nissan North America, Office Depot, Paychex, PerkinElmer, Pfizer, Scripps Networks, State Farm, T. Rowe Price, The Toro Company, United Airlines, UnitedHealth Group, Vanguard, and Wells Fargo.

Welcome to a special conference for people leading social media at big brands.

This event is focused on what you need to be a successful social media leader.

This conference features 32 intense peer-to-peer discussions, 24 case studies, 3 brilliant authors, and 2 amazing keynotes. There’s also a fascinating pre-conference, incredible networking opportunities, and lots of delicious food.

You’ve never been to an event so thrilling, so inspiring, and so exhausting.

You’ll have leadership conversations you can’t get anywhere else.

This isn’t an event for the tactical stuff, social media 101, or topics you’ll hear about in a webinar or on a panel. We’re talking about the issues facing decision makers with substantial professional experience and social media sophistication — and it’s all off the record.

Every single attendee is a member of SocialMedia.org and has signed a confidentiality agreement.

Everything is peer-to-peer.

That means better conversations and more meaningful connections. The people at this conference have been there, done that, and are willing to share the real stories of what worked and what didn’t.

You won’t hear canned presentations, vendor pitches, or polished stuff for the stage. The conversations at this conference are much more real-time, relevant, and relatable.

The three conversations we’ll have:

  1. Unconferences: These are the small-group, breakout discussions about the issues that matter most to you. You set the agenda, and you pick the topics.
  2. Case studies: Fellow members share real experiences and lessons learned. Then, we open the floor for Q&A with a room full of social media leaders like you.
  3. Fellowship over great food: Every person you’ll meet is a fellow SocialMedia.org member and social media leader, making this one of the only events where the breaks are just as important as the sessions. We’ve set up breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you can relax and enjoy great food with your people.

These events are just more fun.

There’s a reason we call this the family reunion. This is an event just for you and your fellow SocialMedia.org members. We’ll make sure your days are full of inspiring conversations, delicious food, and fun activities. Check out some of the details here.

What people are saying about SocialMedia.org and our events

Hannah Winslow

I postponed my honeymoon so I could attend the Brands-Only Summit. That’s how addicted I am to SocialMedia.org!

Hannah Winslow, Express Scripts

Rachel Medina

This organization is the bomb.com. I don’t go to other social events — these are the ones to be at.

Rachel Medina, UnitedHealth Group

Keith McArthur

Some say last year’s Brands-Only Summit was the best social media conference they’ve ever attended. I’ll do one better. I think it might have been the most valuable conference I’ve ever attended, period.

Keith McArthur, Rogers Communications

Ranae Blanke

The Brands-Only Summit has the most authentic, knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere professionals I have ever met.

Ranae Blanke, Hobby Lobby

Natanya Anderson

I think my favorite thing about SocialMedia.org in-person meetings is that I’m reminded my team and I aren’t ever alone — it matters.

Natanya Anderson, Whole Foods Market

Mary Pretotto

The people I meet and connections I make at the Brands-Only Summit are invaluable. It’s a three-day knowledge spree that resonates for months!

Mary Pretotto, Rogers Communications

Julie Finlay

Being at the Brands-Only Summit is being among your people. You don’t have to explain what you do — you can just be a sponge soaking up real-world experiences.

Julie Finlay, USAA

Michelle Slater

This is by far the best and most useful conference I have attended.

Michelle Slater, Royal Bank of Canada

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