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Member Meeting 32
July 15-16, 2014

Focus on: Integrating social into the enterprise

Welcome to the most useful, efficient, and productive meeting for social media leaders at big brands.

You’ll collaborate with smart and generous people in one fast and thrilling day. There are no presenters, no PowerPoint slides, and no podiums. Instead, you’ll find a room full of smart and generous social media leaders, three expert moderators, and an agenda that we’ll build in real time based on the topics that interest you most.

We’ll kick off the Member Meeting with a morning discussion on one big theme, and then we’ll break into our famous unconferences to dive deep in small groups.

You’ll also love our afternoon of eight great case studies, a dinner the night before to meet everyone, and our casual conversation with a special guest to wrap up the meeting.

A completely different meeting experience: 100% brands only and incredible conversations.

The right people

Absolutely everyone in the meeting will be a senior social leader at a major brand. Every single attendee is personally invited and hand-screened. There are no sponsors, no consultants, no vendors, no agencies, no small businesses, and no selling allowed — ever.

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Better conversations

Every topic we cover will be relevant to you because you’re picking them during the meeting with other attendees. And because everything is completely private and off the record, you’ll get honest, candid answers you just can’t find anywhere else.

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We’ll kick off with a morning group discussion: Integrating social into the enterprise.

We start the Member Meeting with a large group conversation to get the discussion juices flowing. It’ll be some great collaboration, and it’ll warm everyone up for the afternoon unconferences.

Member Meeting 32 discussion focus topic: Integrating social into the enterprise.

We’ve won the battles to make social media a part of our companies, now it’s time to show all corners just how vital a role social media can play. Throughout the morning we’ll discuss how to grow our efforts across the enterprise, finding ways to get acceptance and adoption to integrate social strategies into our companies’ way of thinking.

Then we’ll dive into our famous unconferences.

In our unconferences, we’ll dive deep in peer-to-peer group discussions on the topics that matter to you that day. Come to the meeting with topics that you want to discuss, and our moderators will help make it happen.

We’ll start the day with a blank grid on the wall, and during our morning large group conversation it’ll quickly fill with unconference suggestions from you and other attendees. You’ll grab a marker and add topics as they strike you. Our moderators will then use these topics to assemble our unconference agenda.

We’ll spend the entire afternoon in these small-group, deep-dive unconference sessions. You’ll share candidly with other social media leaders like you, fill a notebook with ideas, and make some of the best friends and connections you’ll ever have in the business.

Member Meeting 32 also features:

Eight Great Case Studies on Corporate Social Media

We’ll kick off our Member Meeting with an afternoon of social media case studies on July 15. This portion of the Member Meeting is open to non-members, but attendance is still restricted to senior social media leaders at brands. (No vendors allowed.)

Eight members will share 20-minute, TED-style case studies featuring practical and actionable advice. We’ll hear from:

ConAgra FoodsUnited AirlinesCabela’sCME GroupOlive GardenNissanFarmersWaste Management

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Special guest: Vosges Haut-Chocolat founder Katrina Markoff

Katrina Markoff, owner and founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, will join us for a private, informal chat to close our Member Meeting.

Katrina founded Vosges in 1998. Vosges is based upon the concept of “Travel the World through Chocolate” — using chocolate as a medium to tell stories of her travels and the people, artists, movements, religions, music, and culture she encountered along the way.

We’ll talk chocolate, creativity, and entrepreneurship as we wind down an intense day of collaboration.

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