Meetings just for you (and social media leaders like you).

We’ve hosted 40 Member Meetings over the past seven years, and there’s a reason why busy social media leaders at the world’s biggest brands keep coming back again and again: great people in the room, great discussions on the issues that actually matter to you, and great focus through expert moderation.

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These meetings might just be the best 24-hour investment you could make for your social media program and career.

There are a lot of conferences out there, but most exist to sell tickets to you, or sell you to sponsors (or both). But we’re different, because we’re not just hosting events — our meetings are a core part of the membership experience.

Our format gives you an incredibly valuable day in a private, off-the-record environment with social media leaders like you. It’s a fast and thrilling experience featuring the absolute best parts of conferences — plus carefully-chosen attendees, zero vendors, complete confidentiality, and amazing food.

You’ll love our unconferences.

You’re never in the audience at our unconferences, you’re in the conversation.

Our unconferences are designed as participatory discussions. They’re collaborative conversations that will help you solve the toughest challenges you’re facing today.

There are no PowerPoints, no podiums, and no presenters. This isn’t where you sit through a lecture and hope to get a question in during Q&A, this is where you share directly with people who have the experience, insight, and willingness to get you the answers you need.

You’ll help us build the agenda on the fly.

Unconferences start as a blank grid on the wall that quickly fills with topics, questions, and ideas that members suggest throughout our morning big group conversation. You’ll add to the grid by grabbing a marker whenever a question strikes you. Simply write it down and stick it to the wall. Our expert moderators will build the agenda based on your topics as we go.

Your question may be something you’ve been struggling with, an idea you’d like to explore, or the topic of a call you had with senior leadership yesterday. Just remember: You’re among friends. If there’s a place to discuss the bizarre, oddball, and you-won’t-believe-this issues that come with running social media at a big brand, it’s here.

Unconferences are off the record.

Unconferences are private and confidential. There is no sharing of content from an unconference — no tweeting, blogging, or recording of any kind. Everyone in the meeting will have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Our strict privacy policies make for incredibly candid conversations where everyone is comfortable to share openly and honestly.

We have fun, too.

We’ll fill your head with ideas and answers, but we’ll have plenty of fun, too.

Member Meetings usually include an afternoon of case studies to kick things off. Then we’ll get together for a big feast the night before the unconference so you can get to know everyone before the work begins. Finally, we end each Member Meeting with a casual discussion with a special guest (past guests include Dell CEO Michael Dell, Chris Anderson (both of them), Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz).

And throughout our events, you’ll eat better than you have at any conference you’ve ever been to. (Because we think good food and plenty of caffeine are important ingredients for great conversations.)

Every meeting is 100% brands only.

You’ll connect with more social media leaders from big brands in one day than you will anywhere else all year.

Here’s how many major brands were at recent meetings:

City Orlando San Francisco New York Chicago Orlando
Date 10/29/14 2/5/15 5/21/15 10/29/15 1/27/16
Brands 225 151 212 151 177

Bringing so many brands together creates incredible conversations that span a wide range of industries and challenges. You’ll get answers and insights from unexpected places, make amazing connections, and leave with a notebook full of ideas.

No sponsors, vendors, consultants, or small businesses allowed. Yes, really.

Sometimes people don’t believe us, so we’ll say it again: If someone isn’t running social media at a big brand, they aren’t allowed in the building.

We don’t sell sponsorships, agencies are never on stage, and there are no salespeople in the room waiting to track you down after you ask a question. We screen every single attendee.

There are a lot of great vendors out there and a lot of events worth meeting them at — but we’re the place to get the truly brands-only experience.