A great group of social media leaders in L.A.

Cheers to everyone who came to our 40th Member Meeting in L.A.!

We’ve got swag

Special thanks to Alex Winter for joining us to close out Member Meeting 40

New and old friends at Member Meeting 40

We’d like to welcome Linda from Big Lots to the Red Council!

Thanks for hosting a local member meet-up, Debbie!

Welcome to our newest members

We’re thrilled to have David Shephard from Micro Focus and Kristen Reese from Dominion Resources in the family. Welcome!

Great views and even better conversations at our latest unconference

Day 2 of Member Meeting 39 consisted of a private unconference where SocialMedia.org members had the opportunity to discuss challenges and share ideas about the latest topics in enterprise social media.

Our 39th Member Meeting at Chicago’s Soldier Field

Our 39th Member Meeting at Soldier Field was filled with new connections, ideas, conversations, and selfies.