Welcome back, Eric!

We love welcoming back our alumni members at SocialMedia.org! Eric Ellis is one of our newest members in the Purple Council with The Toro Company.

A family affair

Rust-Oleum’s Lisa Bialecki captured the whole gang looking cute as ever in our SocialMedia.org swag.

Lisa Bialecki's kids

Welcome to our newest Council

First Republic Bank’s Kathleen Fetters gives the new Yellow Council a warm welcome into the SocialMedia.org family.

A solid reading list from our Brands-Only Summit authors

Rackspace’s Elizabeth Jurewicz dives into one of our Brands-Only Summit’s featured author’s newest book, Youtility, by Jay Baer.

Member shout outs

United’s Rob Shields owes part of his constant professional development as a social media executive to being a part of SocialMedia.org.

LEGO love

Dassault Systemes’ Aurélien Blaha has the perfect home for his Orange Council LEGO “mini-me.”

‘Smores make life better

A ‘smores kit was the least we could to express our appreciation for Brandon Rhoten’s contribution to the Brands-Only Summit with his informative Wendy’s social media case study.

+1 for cuteness

Scottrade’s Lauren Ebner may have a future SocialMedia.org member on her hands.

This community has your back

Royal Bank of Canada’s Michelle Slater is feeling the love and support of the SocialMedia.org community.