Andrea Meck

“Our customers are there. Our own employees are on social. We need to be there too.” We’re showing [senior management] we’re being successful and trying to fix problems on social, and it’s working. According to Andrea Meck, Senior Marketing Manager… Read More >>

memberphoto_Dan Phelps

Dan Phelps has seen a lot of changes in the way financial services approach marketing. Every year for the past three years, we’ve tripled the amount of engagement we have provided for our distribution and marketing partners. He’s been in… Read More >>

Nate Koch

“Working at an agency taught me to move quickly,” says Nate Koch. Nate has been with Kohl’s since 2011. But before that, he served as a senior media planner and buyer at an ad agency in Milwaukee. Like other… Read More >>

Amy Cullinan

Amy Cullinan is probably the only member with a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. I was probably the only person who liked to write their PhD thesis. She’s been a practicing scientist for most of her career. But according… Read More >>

Laura Lake

Laura Lake’s background in marketing started as sort of a fluke. Not all of our images are always polished… It’s about allowing people to see who we are in our everyday world. She began writing for in 1997 when… Read More >>